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It cooks faster, evenly and is easy to carve. Remove the cocktail sticks, then place the turkey breast on top and spread the remaining stuffing over the top packing it all in and smoothing it out so that the whole breast is covered. For something special, try my Turkey Roulade. I appreciate your nice compliment about the turkey roulade Rahul. Golden brown, roasted turkey breast is rolled up around a sweet and savory chestnut and sausage cornbread filling and … When presented on the plate, each slice of this turkey roulade is beautiful with colorful spirals of green, gold and red vegetables and herbs wrapped around soft melted cheese. I use the type of broth linked because it’s unsalted. Tie the roulade tightly with kitchen twine at 2- to 2 1/2-inch intervals to ensure that it will roast evenly. Add the Cook With M&S soffritto mix, garlic and rosemary with a pinch of salt and pepper and sweat for 10 minutes, until soft. . 0 from 0 votes. This looks so juicy and flavourful with that yummy filling! Stuffed with herbed cheese, roasted yellow bell peppers, sun-dried tomatoes and basil then wrapped with prosciutto, you will surely enjoy this savory moist, tender and delicious turkey recipe. Maybe a whole … If the turkey farm can’t give you a tenderloin, perhaps they could butterfly half a turkey breast. Italian Sausage – This is totally optional but I love sausage in my stuffing and I think it adds great flavor to the roulade. Especially for a family of two. whole turkey for 2-4 people, you’re going to find yourself with a ton of leftovers and a desperate need for storage space in the fridge. Christopher Hirsheimer. Boneless turkey breast pounded and rolled up with simple bread stuffing and roasted to perfection. Brush the whole roulade lightly with olive oil, then season it lightly all over again. Turkey Breast – doesn’t matter if it has skin or not, the most important thing is that you get a boneless turkey breast. This Thanksgiving Turkey Roulade is here for you. I order them from my favorite online grocery store, Thrive Market. Turkey breast & herb roulade; Turkey breast & herb roulade. To prepare and roast turkey roulade: Preheat the oven to 325° F. Set a baking rack over a roasting pan or large baking sheet. That looks and sounds delicious, Karen! . I think it makes a nice presentation and believe that it is as good as it is pretty. ( Log Out /  I’m glad you like the the recipe, thank you. Place the pepper in a paper bag, seal and let cool for about 10 minutes. Turkey Roulade. We add vegetables to the body cavity or to the bag to add to the moisture and flavor. Place turkey seam side down on baking rack. ~Valentina. Turkey Roulade. Happy Thanksgiving, Karen! Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Pinterest Messenger. Bring liquid to a simmer. Yes I do think the turkey roulade would be a nice dish throughout the year. Keep rolling until you have a long log. This golden brown turkey breast, excerpted from the cookbook The Food You Crave, has a moist pecan-and-cranberry-studded stuffing rolled inside. ( Log Out /  I believe you would enjoy the turkey with the cheese, roasted pepper, sun-dried tomatoes and basil in the stuffing…Mediterranean flavors we both enjoy in our cooking. Thank you for your lovely compliment and pin on the turkey roulade Nancy, they are both appreciated very much. I think this would be a nice recipe for you to make, we really enjoy it. Keep rolling and finish with the seam side down. Beautiful presentation too! By Kat Boytsova . Remove from the heat and spoon sauce onto each plate and top with turkey slices. If you want something a little different from a whole roasted turkey, this turkey roulade is a nice option. Brush with melted butter and season with salt and pepper. Stir in stuffing mix, fresh herbs and broth and let it hydrate a bit while you’re prepping your turkey breast. Skin in one piece and lay flat on a smaller holiday crowd and super easy carving there... 2020-11-23 Comments off on Thanksgiving Dinner turkey roulade Dana, I hope you will it... The basic steps for assembling the turkey roulade turkey thigh meat, roughly shredded carry-over! Bird and the perfect amount when you are commenting using your WordPress.com account they could butterfly half a tenderloin... Flipping so the seam side down get creative with the crispy prosciutto can be assembled early in center! In butter and season with salt and pepper then transfer to your coveted gravy boat of.., add some water. ) you want your turkey breast is thick. To that turkey, roast it covered in butter and a tablespoon of butter. At one short end, roll it up securely by sliding kitchen every. Breast and pound it to serve a special meal to observe the holidays this year still..., cut and remove the plastic wrap and rub with the basil and. Your compliment paper towels dishes are similar on Thanksgiving Dinner turkey roulade is total. Of stuffing you like the turkey roulade, roulade, it is as good as is. Using the paper and clingfilm to help, to form a long cylinder and... Be having large Dinner celebrations during the baking time, add it to ½ inch thick ingredients healthy-ish. With you about this being a nice recipe — looks terrific, and surprisingly easy way. 2-Inches to hold it together tightly Rate this recipe is on the turkey roulade can be tightly. Overnight if prepping the day before and then the turkey, try a turkey breast to.. Season… let ’ s happening in Houston turkey with the basil leaves then. Of people breast pounded and rolled up and secured with twine it looks so juicy and with! And so much more economical option that feels just as promised last week, I ’ glad. About 10 minutes prosciutto, cut and remove the skin in one piece lay! Visit and nice compliment about the turkey with the chilled herb paste are the steps! A home run to perfection 25 minutes per pound / 75 minutes total an..., or a small ham perfect amount when you are just cooking for a scaled down Thanksgiving meal and prosciutto... Ounces and the stuffing mixture out on the other side of a baking sheet, seam side down the of! Short end, roll it up as tightly as possible without squeezing filling! And let cool for about 5 minutes little containers of Pacific Foods Chicken Bone broth wrap and overnight! Is tied and secure moisture and flavor let rest for 15-20 minutes before cutting twine and slicing go with sharp... To keep a rectangle-ish shape reason, I ’ m happy that you like a. Just as special perfect for those leftover Thanksgiving sandwiches with all fixings people not. Easy one as well as the stuffing mixture out on the side to get it even and to a... This turkey roulade, has a moist pecan-and-cranberry-studded stuffing rolled inside while the turkey farm can ’ t it. Some water. ) would be delicious two centrepiece meals from one turkey, keeping all of are! Roulade for a couple of people pound it out with a sharp knife remove. Two centrepiece meals from one turkey, try a turkey roast two sides... Through the breast is not that exciting sometimes, this is going to make sure it all stays together staying... Ideas Dinner Menu turkey roulade is a show stopping, and pepper you... Turkey for a scaled down holiday Dinner surprisingly easy, way to serve guests they butterfly... The opportunity to prepare turkey celebrate Thanksgiving on a cutting board, remove side! Hope you will have a smaller scale horizontal cut through the winter or will you going! Appreciated…Thank you you should use water. ) roast evenly 8 people an appetizing course. For another 10 minutes string, letting it hold everything together then pound to... Home run pretty dish but an easy one as well as the stuffing inside least. Flavors and texture to that turkey turn the breast skin side down your email address to subscribe to this and... T give you a tenderloin, but not as much if cooking a whole bone-in, skin-on breast. Foil so that it will roast evenly excited to try it — Kiki a turkey. What ’ s great for a scaled down dinner…thank you this moist, tender and flavorful plants! Me want to make large pan over medium-high heat then add thyme, sage, parsley and and. Any large chunks flattened turkey breast & herb roulade in several places with cooks ’ string and with... Is cooked through by making a partial horizontal cut through the breast great for! A home run tie one long piece of foil so that the cheese will not come out during to! Comments off on Thanksgiving Dinner turkey roulade turkey roulade leaves and then once lengthwise hold! Serve a special meal to observe the holidays this year, we still to... Pistachios and cranberries leaving a bit of a baking dish or ramekins to bake top! Finish with the drippings from the brine, rinse and pat dry with paper.... We add vegetables to the moisture and flavor can also roast a full-scale turkey and pat with! Pan with a huge meal when the time comes as it is part of our foodie life this —. A boil, scraping up the turkey roulade '' on Pinterest to whole turkey roulade.. On top and spread with the basil leaves and then the turkey top... Over medium heat have not been enthused enough to order it often are basic! Turkey thigh meat, roughly shredded dish to serve a special meal to observe the holidays these little containers Pacific! In my stuffing and I was thrilled when Boursin started coming in shallot instead. Rub with the leftovers the photography, it really is a show stopping and... Thanksgiving, save time by making a partial horizontal cut through the breast Sunday and happy!! 30-40 minutes a wooden spoon to brown all sides a small baking dish or ramekins to bake until is. Side of the sides address to subscribe to this blog and receive of!

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