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In the end, she lets Tod … Widow Tweed - Kindly farm woman who adopts Tod, the fox, in The Fox and the Hound; voiced by Jeanette Nolan. When Widow Tweed leaves Tod in the woods for his own safety. Because Tod and Copper's relationship also captures how people feel when they get older and outgrow their friends. *TOD BELONGS TO DISNEY! Tod's first night alone in the woods proves disastrous, inadvertently entering an irritable badger's den. Continuity mistake: When Widow Tweed first finds Tod, she pulls the pink trousers off of him, and leaves them on the ground. 41. The old lady, Widow Tweed, had adopted her fox, Tod and his mate, Vixey, back into her house as she didn't enjoy being alone. The next day, Widow Tweed releases Tod into a game preserve, as she protects Tod from Amos Slade . Widow Tweed, realizing that Tod is no longer safe with her, takes him on a drive the following morning and leaves him at a game preserve. 8 Comments. She is Amos Slade's neighbor. Image size. (00:08:30) Hamster Tod escapes through the forest back to Widow Tweed, who brings him safely home. Believing Tod intended to let Chief fall of the train track, Copper and Amos angrily vow revenge on Tod. 1669x1294px 842.01 KB. 286 Views. * IMAGE DETAILS. Being completely on the edge of your seat while watching Honey, I Shrunk the Kids . Later that evening, Amos arrives at Tweed's house in a vengeful fury over Tod nearly killing Chief. Widow Tweed is then forced to keep Tod in the house, but this doesn't have to last long as the next day Amos takes the two dogs on a long hunting trip that lasts through autumn and winter. Tod is still best friends with Copper, but their friendship is tested with Copper joins up with a band of musical stray dogs at the fair. Frozen We like to imagine that all the Disney Princesses are best friends, and Rapunzel and Flynn’s appearance at Elsa’s coronation only confirms this in our minds. How did Squirrel-Wart get all the way from Camelot to the forest where Widow Tweed leaves Tod? 10. The second film takes place prior to Copper going hunting with Amos Slade and during Tod's youth living with Widow Tweed. Tod sneaks out to say goodbye to Copper but he doesn't make it in time. By JRR5790 Watch. Widow Tweed is a sweet and gentle farmer who lives alone in her house. 7 Favourites. Me and Tod. Widow Tweed leaves Tod, a bottle raised fox who's never learned how to do anything save nap in a bed in front of the fire, in the forest alone minutes before a rain storm. Then when she takes Tod and walks towards her house, the trousers have gone. When she saw Tod she kindly adopted him. That scene from The Fox and the Hound where Widow Tweed leaves Tod in the woods always breaks my heart when I watch it; I would have GLADLY taken him in. Published: Apr 3, 2016 That scene where Widow Tweed leaves Tod in the woods is still HEARTBREAKING after all these years. A Goofy Movie We know you’re a huge Powerline fan—and you’re not alone. Since Vixey had been brought up in the wild, She would often leave for a fortnight, trying to break free from the cold feeling of the four walls. Indeed, he's shown to be a poor hunter and his lack of survival skills and brushing off of Vixey's is what nearly gets them caught in Slade's gauntlet of leg hold traps. Widow Tweed is a character in The Fox and the Hound and it's midquel. She is a farmer who loves her animals very much. Tweed blocks him out, but he insists that she can't hide him forever. Tod in The Fox and the Hound 2..

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