flyff jester build

2 Answers. The only build for a BJ is Pure dexterity, anything you here from others is a lie and untrue (I have a BJ and I know how they are built). Why make a jester? A video of my guildmaster's pure dex build blade. hello. For Flyff Gold on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Jester (Yoyo) build from level 1. Bow Jester (BJ): Let me first start out saying that this is not a real class; it’s the Jester class with a special build. STA: 15 DEX: 43 Recommended Fighting Tactic: 2 Bars Charged Shot or Junk Arrow More Guides: Jester Guide Ranger Guide Billposter 1v1 G... [FlyFF] Acrobat & Jester Full Guide. Relevance. This build should only be used if you are going for the Full DEX Ranger build or intend to go Full DEX Bow Jester. Like the title says, this build is full DEX. When using regular attacks as a Yo-Yo Jester, you'll rely on DEX to increase the attack speed and STR to increase your damage output. Acrobat -> Ranger A jester is one of the second classes of acrobat. It's got a lot of block and critrate, but it can't handle Sylica's crits very well without buffs at level 67. Picking Your Build Picking you build should be the main thing you consider when you are a new acrobat. Im just going to show you A Quick Guide of Yoyo Jester and making it as much as Critical Wise and Damage Wise as possible - There are Few Builds which u can choose - There is gonna be info about the equipment and other jewelry u might be wearing to Increase your damage! Source(s): are great ones. The true form of a Jester, would be the Yo-Yo Jester. 75-XX Lusakas or Historic 2h swords. The only stat you won’t use is Intelligence. These guides are viable and updated for the v19 version of FlyFF! Acrobat -> Jester. What's up People! For a Jester you will have strength stamina and dexterity (a common build for a “Cookie-Cutter”(Yoyo Build) is 30-40 stamina 63 dexterity and the rest in Strength.) Im not sure what a good build would other than right now i have a level 15 acrobat with 20 stamina 20 dexterity and the rest is on strength any ideas? Find help on websites. Favorite Answer. BJ’s are Jesters except that they use a bow as the name suggests. Just play around and see what fits you. It is designed mainly for PvP (player vs player) combat. A while ago some project called "" started, where some french dude recoded original flyff and made it possible to play in browser. 0 0. •Jester Master/Hero Skill: [Elementor Special INT Mastery] PvP Dmg +30% ; Projectile Speed +75% (20:01 / 0s CD) N (100% Prob) If you are planning to use some STA in your build, I would recommend one of the other builds. Also, I consulted an awesome high level 1v1 knight about this build, and his recommendations were: From 60-75 Clean Re(s)corn set or higher and 75-XX Clean Warpon or higher. High level players who PvP will max this skill and build around it. - If you can, level with a partner, it's fun, efficient and will almost always help you level as they can heal you, dps or even attack at range. ". As a Yo-Yo Jester, you'll master all your skills and use them in heated 1v1 or PvP matches. - When you get your AoE skill, you'll have to play around with how high of a level you can AoE, it all depends on your level, build, armor, weapon and skills. Here are a few facts about the Jester: - Get 4% critical chance per 10 dexterity. Gala liked it and supported it, and 1 1/2 years later the first beta is about to start! All other classes get only 1%/10dex so Jester has the highest natural critical rates of any class in flyff. Answer Save. Besides being proficient in PvP. In terms of weapons: 60-75 a good shield and a good 1hsword. 1 decade ago. Good Flyff Jester Build Sugestions?

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