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After I did my house job, I was hardly having 2 months for the preparation and I did not study before that. What to do after Graduation ? Original/Attested photocopy of Computerised National Identity Card. SR 650/- to be deposited in National Commercial Bank (A/C No. FCPS training is based on an apprentice model in which a master trainer mentors the apprentice and inculcates his/ her skills into the junior doctor with an objective to transform the apprentice into a skilled craftsman. Most of the Doctors / Specialists are not aware that how they can join Pakistan Navy after completing their Undergraduate and Graduate Degree, and usually, it’s hard for them to get accurate and detailed information. Attach the required documents i.e. All rights reserved. Strength of this variety of advanced training is that the tutor is bound to give lectures and training to the students. 4. At the end of this email, a link to the. After full 4–5 years of training and completing few compulsory requirements, the candidate is eligible for exit exam FCPS - II. The opinion stated above is solely of the author for which no institution or other individual is responsible.? Why choosing between MDS and FCPS is a dilemma for dental graduates aspiring to become specialists? University based post-graduation (MDS). List of All Universities and Colleges Offering BDS Dentistry in Medical Sciences at BACHELOR level in Islamabad Regular and Online Bachelor degree Programs and also find their fee structure, merit comparison, admissions dates and deadline What future do i have after BDS in Pakistan? Original/Attested Photocopies of following documents to be attached. Medicinal career is most valued and well-regarded in whole world. The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan too follows the footstep of the aforementioned prestigious institutions. Then this blog will give all of you the information you have to think about BDS. The question is what would be the standing of the two programs in future? WHAT'S NEXT AFTER BDS IN PAKISTAN ... (FCPS) part 1 and 2. If the application is submitted after date, another SR 500/- as late fee in favour of Saudi for Health. As ? I have been in a deep state of … 30 Highest Paying Jobs in Pakistan in 2021. In case of foreign candidates, valid registration certificate of their own country’s medical council, equated by PMDC. The repeater should enter enrollment No. I wanted to know how to get my degree assessed. we’ll be discussing scope of BDS in Pakistan, salary of BDS in Pakistan, jobs for BDS doctors in Pakistan and our focus will also be on BDS vs MBBS debate, specially in Pakistan. Doctor of … 1. Specialist Orthodontist (BDS, FCPS) Lahore, Pakistan 56 connections. After completing my FCPS I continued my academic journey at Islamic International Dental Hospital in Islamabad where I was appointed as a senior registrar from 2005 to 2007. Less emphasis is paid on classroom teaching and limited focus is towards research. It is a good option if you plan to stay in Pakistan. DN: Which higher education option would you recommend to young graduates after BDS: Masters from abroad, FCPS, or MDS? The author is an accredited FCPS supervisor of Operative Dentistry which may influence his point of view regarding the subject matter. All the documents are now submitted online, nothing is deposited in CPSP regional office, but if you have bank draft then you have to submit it in the CPSP offices. Application for the change of subject, change of center & change of address must be submitted on the. House Job must have been completed one month before the date of examination. Weakness of MDS system is lack of uniform stringent criteria regarding induction of students in the training. Thus, whether trained at a hospital residency slot or via university post-graduation, a dentist will only be admitted into the specialist register of the UK-General Dental Council if he/she is successful at the membership examination of the RCS.3 With the same token, all Pakistani MDS students should mandatorily be asked to sit in the FCPS-II examination of CPSP at the end of their respective training so that all future specialists are subjected to same assessment criteria before being labeled as a specialist at national level. A doctor should go for the post-graduation specialization to define its fields. Valid PMDC Registration Certificate (Duly Attested) or renewal receipt plus provisional PMDC registration certificate, Click on Exam Application Form, it will lead you to this page. 2. Select registration type Fresh or Repeater. MBBS /BDS Degree Or Provisional Certificate of Medical College. Copyright © 1984 - 2020 - Journal of the Pakistan Dental Association (JPDA). FCPS)? MBBS /BDS Degree Or Provisional Certificate of Medical College. To confirm your email address, a verification code will be communicated at your email address. Another noteworthy strength of FCPS pathway of specialization is the impartial and neutral system comprising of series of assessments offered by the CPSP. Valid Pakistan Medical & Dental Council Registration Certificate. I had a concern. WES wud do ? Doctor A has a master’s degree in Surgery from a University, has successfully defended a Master’s thesis and serves as teacher to undergraduate students as well. Even with FCPS in Pakistan people say that it is hard to get in and even once you do, most people have trouble clearing part 2 and even those who do are jobless for years. So I made a plan to study and collected the necessary material and guidance from many seniors. Moreover, there are no third party assessments at the entrance and intermediate level examinations and a weak final assessment resulting in a high success rate at the exit examination. ... (after mbbs/bds as captain or after FSC as medical cadet), nurse, computer engineer, psychologist, education corps, etc. According to new regulations, the BDS course comprises of five years with no internship period. Are you looking for BDS Degree and scope of BDS in Pakistan? The reasons are following: 1. Read the details by opening the relevant notification then click on apply to fill the form. When it comes to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases relevant to the oral cavity, one rushes to a dentist. SR 1350/- to be deposited in Alawal Bank (A/C No. Want to be a Captian Doctor in Pakistan? Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) was dissolved by President Arif Alvi to pave way for Pakistan Medial Commission (PMC). So if you are looking for daily jang jobs, daily express jobs, daily mashriq jobs, daily aaj jobs, daily dawn jobs, daily the news jobs and other online jobs then you are at right place. There are two known pathways of becoming an accredited dental specialist in Pakistan. However, the two broad classes of specialization remain the same. 2. https://www.cpsp.edu.pk/index.php?code=cHJvZ3JhbXxwcm9ncmFtLnBocHxwcm9nX2luZm8ucGhwfDF8MA==, 3. www.rcsed.ac.uk/faculties/faculty-of-dental-surgery. With an entrance and exit level examination of FCPS system, the MDS students will get dual qualifications with their names i.e. House Job must have been completed Two months before the date of examination. assigned to them in their last exam. Once, you submit the application, you will receive a confirmation email. To summarize, it’s apparent that for clinical specialties (Operative Dentistry, Orthodontics, Oral Surgery, Periodontics and Prosthodontics), the FCPS system has an edge whereas for basic dentistry subjects (such as Oral Biology, Oral Pathology, Dental Public Health, Dental Materials and Oral Anatomy), MDS is the recommended training pathway. The leading surgical/dental institutions of the world such as Royal Surgical Colleges in England, Scotland, Ireland, Canada and Australia have been offering clinical training under their aegis adhering to this model. Join to Connect Lahore Medical & Dental College. A double-blind peer review system is followed to ensure a high quality of publications. Eligibility: CONDITIONS FOR ADMISSION IN BDS Click the link Now 1. But for an Indian Guy who has done his BDS in India and then wants to migrate to the USA for his masters, there are certain procedures and exams to clear, so that he/she can become eligible for studying and working as a Dentist in the USA.

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