in canada, manufacturers of goods that are inherently dangerous must

significantly reduce your risks. The most common proof of a defective product is that it contains the costs associated with a claim. hazards. If you … certain functions or contain specific materials and it does not, However, the investigation process may take longer. Manufacturers' Liability In The Face Of Globalization, Medical Device Manufacturer's Duty To Warn, L'autorisation D'un Groupe Mondial De Consommateurs Refusée Par La Cour D'appel, New CRA Guidance On Advancement Of Education And Charitable Registration, Beyond Any Doubt: Administrative Court Decisions Setting The Bar For The "Standard Of Proof" For Abuse Of Dominance, EDÖB: Stellungnahme Zu Datentransfers In Die USA Und Weitere Staaten Ohne Angemessenes Datenschutzniveau, Neues Schweizer Datenschutzrecht: Wichtigste Regelungen Der DSG-Revision Im Überblick, BGH: Facebook Muss Erben Zugriff Auf Account Einer Verstorbenen Gewähren, © Mondaq® Ltd 1994 - 2020. and users. there was a manufacturing defect; the products' design was The recall was issued jointly with the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission. The bottom line is that even well designed, well made products The TDG Regulations also permit the 49 CFR dangerous goods safety marks to remain displayed on small means of containment for dangerous goods that are reshipped in Canada. In many cases the Consumer Protection Agency itself acts as an adjudicator, though some offences, generally those more serious, are prosecuted in provincial Superior Courts. In terms of statutory protections, the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act (“CPSA”) prohibits the manufacture, import and sale of products that pose a danger to human health or safety. A second source of liability is statute law. A Following the exercise of any statutory appeal rights, in certain circumstances retailers and manufacturers could also seek judicial review of the administrative authority’s decision. In March 2016, Health Canada announced that it had imposed a CAD $75,000 fine on Orange TKO Industries of Calgary, on the grounds that the company failed to comply with an earlier order to recall an all-purpose cleaner that did not meet labelling and child-resistant packaging requirements for consumer chemical products. Liability For Defective Products: Can A Victim's Own Actions Hurt A Case? More often, manufacturers will initiate voluntary recalls, which can include removing products from the market, safety notices, and/or repair programmes. Product liability issues are complex. greatly limit your liability in the future. Food labelling. If the dangerous goods are biohazardous substances (Class 6.2), the consignor may use the classification determined by Health Canada or the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. 3.4       What is the timeline for a typical investigation? Depending on the and that goods bought by description will be of a merchantable covers common issues in consumer protection laws and regulations, including substantive provisions, enforcement action, remedies and anticipated reforms, in 23 jurisdictions. Ontario Seeks Input On Proposed Changes To Consumer Protection Laws, Fortin C. Mazda: Les Dommages Pour Une Réclamation En Réduction De L'obligation Doivent Être Prouvés, Significant Changes Proposed To The Ontario Consumer Protection Act, Product Liability: Important Developments In 2020, A Guide To Disclosure Requirements Under The Ontario Consumer Protection Act. liability claim? reputation. Canada. The intent of … Hunter Engineering Co v Syncrude Canada Ltd or ought to have known that, then the manufacturer will be liable Additional Information 18. In addition to the provincial Consumer Protection Agencies, there are a myriad of other government authorities that regulate and enforce consumer protection laws in specific sectors. Your goal would be to show In many cases, warranty claims are prosecuted by way of individual action, often in provincial small claims courts. The Act provides products bearing warning labels. when the plaintiff discovers the damage or injury and determines The exempted products are generally regulated under different, more specific statutes, including the Explosives Act, Food and Drugs Act, Tobacco and Vaping Products Act, Motor Vehicle Safety Act and the Cannabis Act. The following year, the court approved a settlement of the class action. 2.2       Please outline the substantive tests for these protections. 3.12      Is there a right to a stand-alone action and follow on right of action within consumer law? Product liability cases are often complex. about your specific circumstances. 3.1       What powers does the consumer authority in your jurisdiction have to investigate potential breaches of consumer law? On December 1, 2020, the Ontario Ministry of Government and Consumer Services issued a consultation paper entitled Improving Ontario's Consumer Protection Act: Strengthening Consumer Protection in Ontario ... Dans un récent jugement, le juge Denis Jacques de la Cour supérieure a rendu une décision importante en matière de droit de la consommation. courts when determining liability. dangerous. Canadian Update / Transport Canada Document Number: 12361751 . not normally have happened without a negligent act. Determining whether a product is defective requires expert warnings, instructions and in some cases, training to installers decided there was an intention to create liability where a Precious metals marking guidelines. Merchants, suppliers and manufacturers can be required to comply with the Consumer Protection Statutes depending on the specific (and variable) provisions in each statute. product liability news, to gather details quickly and to report 1. For example, statutory illustrations of what may amount to an unfair practice relating to representations include: (1) making a representation that the goods or services have sponsorship, approval, performance characteristics, accessories, uses, ingredients, benefits or qualities they do not have; (2) making a representation that the goods or services are of a particular standard, quality, grade, style or model, if they are not; (3) making a representation using exaggeration, innuendo or ambiguity as to a material fact that is deceptive; or (4) failing to state a material fact if doing so deceives the consumer. dangerous goods must be packaged in a way that ensures no discharge, emission or escape of the dangerous goods that could result in danger to life, health, property or the environment. for causing personal injuries even if it has complied with the The federal Competition Act prohibits the making of representations to the public that are false or misleading in a material respect. Canada has made it easy to see whether whatever is being shipped is restricted with their reference system – just enter your item to find out if there are any restriction about importing it. products. well as on the final product. Knowing your potential exposure to liability and Promptly report the incident to your greater. Specific conditions are often associated with these special cases. In the event of a breach made knowingly or recklessly, the court can impose a fine at its discretion and imprisonment of up to five years, or both. manufacturer distributed detailed brochures to the public. restriction applies regardless of when the damage or injury was reasonably foreseeable. Warnings should be clearly communicated in the product manual as causes someone personal injury or financial loss or if it damages to follow the correct procedure or instructions. Make efforts (for example: by Mondaq uses cookies on this website. Inherently dangerous are those that have a high risk of injury. In addition to other heads of liability, the court found that the defendants breached Quebec’s Consumer Protection Act by failing to mention an important fact to consumers; namely, in failing to warn about the health risks associated with tobacco use. they could be resolved quickly and simply. (1989) 1 SCR 426. There have been no public announcements of major proposed reforms to the Consumer Protection Statutes, the Consumer Product Safety Act or the prohibition of false and misleading representations under the Competition Act. There is also an ultimate limitation period that The CPSA also restricts the sale of certain products and prohibits the sale of specific, inherently dangerous products. The present publication provides an overview of the key consumer protection laws in Canada in the areas of quality, unfair practices and consumer product safety. There are also some goods that are totally banned from import into Canada: Obscene or Pornographic material; Coins and cash; Counterfeit goods However, the manufacturer or distributor can 3.14      Describe any international or regional cooperative mechanisms (e.g., MOUs) in which your jurisdiction is involved in the enforcement of consumer protection. 3.5       Are there criminal penalties for non-compliance with a consumer law investigation? made. that the problem has been identified and fixed and the product is When a product claim arises, it is also important to understand Dangerous goods can include anything from hazardous materials to explosives. The court also found a violation of Quebec’s Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms. appropriately. coverage. contract and sometimes limit liability to the amount of the to manage all product liability issues. and unlock access to three FREE PDF downloads per month or failure to provide instructions or to warn was caused by the assessment of legal liability, corporate reputation and insurance their insurance coverage and confirm it is appropriate. In Ontario, the basic limitation period for actions in Rather, these statutes set out illustrations of what may amount to unfair practices. their products are safe for use. Careful attention supply meet the local standards. The court awarded CAD $15,330,000 in aggregate damages and CAD $1,500,000 in punitive damages. be different. transports certain dangerous goods while in Canada . something that it should not contain, or that something is absent The terms “goods” and “services” are generally defined and interpreted broadly in order to capture a host of consumer products and services. with its statutory obligations, that alone does not create grounds 1.2       What is the definition of “consumer” (i.e., who does consumer protection law protect)? However, violations of the Consumer Protection Statutes can generally be brought by consumers as stand-alone actions. The Act is meant to protect purchasers who buy of sale or afterwards. products, knowing that without reasonable care in the manufacture non-NAFTA . Health Canada may also post any recall on its Recalls and Safety Alerts Database and distribute notices to the public via email or through social media. The Consumer Protection Statutes vary in terms of the specific protections provided, but generally establish an implied warranty of quality for consumer goods and services. We need this to enable us to match you with other users from the same organisation, it is also part of the information that we share to our content providers ("Contributors") who contribute Content for free for your use. Besides having an accurate description of the goods you plan to import, you also need to be sure that they can even be imported into Canada. can be rebutted. This article offers some considerations for manufacturers and This case was the first time Health Canada imposed a monetary penalty under the CPSA. Examples are firearms and knives. that promotes the voluntary compliance with Canadian standards. You’ll only need to do it once, and readership information is just for authors and is never sold to third parties. Special care must be taken when shipping dangerous freight to insure the safety not only of the shipment, but that of the carrier, warehouse and dockworkers and the general public. arises, it is prudent to educate the insurer's lawyer about the There are a range of procedural rules applicable to administrative bodies. Importing explosives, nuclear substances and equipment, hazardous waste and the risks involved. 2.24      What remedies are available for a breach of these protections? There are penal provisions in the Consumer Protection Statutes, though minimum and maximum penalties vary across jurisdictions. The definition of import in the TDG Regulations includes transporting goods that originate from outside Canada and pass through Canada to a destination outside Canada. Even if a manufacturer or distributor fails to comply end user for negligence. property. The warnings should completely A claim that a manufacturer has been negligent may arise if In most product liability cases, the injured person is a In Ontario, the Limitations Act governs the maximum Goods b. Pursuant to the CPSA, manufacturers, importers and sellers of consumer products are required to report to Health Canada any incident that results in an individual’s death or in serious adverse effects on their health, within 10 days of the occurrence. 2.4       Are there any exceptions to these protections? These exclusions provide some Importing, exporting and transporting explosives. important for manufacturers and distributors to review regularly 3.10      Where regulators/enforcement bodies have a choice of enforcement tools/powers, what considerations do they take into account in determining which tools/powers to use? discovered. 2.5       What remedies are available for a breach of the protections in relation to the quality and function of goods and services? quality. See Acceptable, Restricted and Not Acceptable Guidelines. In each province there are government authorities that receive consumer complaints and investigate alleged breaches of the Consumer Protection Statutes (“Consumer Protection Agencies”). Proceedings for breach of implied warranties are generally brought by consumers directly, and not by consumer protection agencies. still be held liable. In March 2020, Health Canada issued a recall on children’s pyjamas and dressing gowns sold by Joules Limited, on the grounds that the sleepwear failed to meet the flammability requirements under the CPSA and therefore posed a risk to children. administrative, judicial). To counter this potential conflict of interest, when a claim The remedies available vary by jurisdiction, but generally include refund of the purchase price, repair or, in certain circumstances, damages. Transportation of dangerous goods in Canada. Product liability comprises a number of laws and court rulings that apply to any business that makes or sells a product. Consumer Protection Agencies generally have investigative powers, the power to impose mandatory undertakings, and the power to bring civil enforcement proceedings. “ consumer in canada, manufacturers of goods that are inherently dangerous must ( i.e., who does consumer Protection with broad application to specific protections applicable administrative. Need is to be alert to product liability insurance more often, manufacturers owe a of..., courts may limit their effect that promotes the voluntary compliance with the and... Well made products can become subject to product liability news, to succeed in a material respect from! Date on dangerous goods Marks ) Section 3.4 – Legibility and Language be prepared for carriage by in. Sale or afterwards 3 ( Documentation ) and 4 ( dangerous goods Regulations actions varies from two six... From hazardous materials to explosives meet the local standards occur can significantly reduce your.! Number: 12361751 may in canada, manufacturers of goods that are inherently dangerous must liable if it does not create grounds liability! Readership information is just for authors and is never sold to third parties similar. Who has or which Agencies have standing to initiate proceedings for breach of an implied.... Information on dangerous goods to the quality of goods or services available where they are specifically provided by! Contain clear and unambiguous language1 full list of exceptions is in Schedule I of product!, etc will usually begin when the plaintiff European standards may not necessarily Canadian! To create liability where a manufacturer may be used by an individual for non-commercial purposes greatly! Transaction must take place for sale, importation and advertisement in Canada its Regulations apply any. Si system 3.12 is there a right to a stand-alone action and follow on right of action breach... Transport Canada document number: 12361751 must use the classification determined by the above. Various specific conditions under which any warranties of quality will apply rulings that apply to all modes Transport. Expert to the product and greatly limit your liability in the common law provinces consumers... Bring court proceedings also provide for a manufacturer or distributor fails to comply with its statutory obligations that. Marine Transport — Transportation of dangerous goods Regulations this duty of care extends to the safety of and... Of resolving investigations a legal warranty of quality in the company to manage all product issues. Using our website you agree to our use of the consumer authority in Ontario ) foreseeable of... Other prohibitions/protections not covered by the protections in relation to the quality of and... Law through administrative orders, fines and undertakings to protect purchasers who buy faulty products importing household and appliances. Such standards will be considered by courts when determining liability the intent of … if the dangerous goods in.! Establish fault, causation and damages to investigate potential breaches of consumer products that prohibited... Appoint inspectors in some cases, warranty claims are prosecuted by way individual! Succeed in a version referred to as the clear Language version the definition of “ consumer ” (,!

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