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TV Show: Food Wars! Azami (薊) / Azami (アザミ) is a being who is known in legends as the Medusa. Polar Star Dormitory. For example, she has no clue where to buy shojo manga because Hisako always buys them for her and they are not found in her grandfather's study. Thanks to Souma Yukihira, Erina Nakiri, and the rebel forces overthrowing the regime of Azami Nakiri—the previous school director—and the former Elite Ten, Tootsuki Culinary Academy is back in order. Her reputation is so well known, her name alone is able to scare off amateur chefs within seconds. News of the regime change comes as a shock to the whole campus, and there is unease in the air. [26], At the Inner Citadel, Asahi is with Erina and looking at a number of magazines, picking for a place as a good honeymoon spot, annoying Erina. He is mainly known for his smooth, deep voice, and he has played a wide range of characters from sweet heroes (Maximilian Jenius) to sociopaths (Sōsuke Aizen, Muraki Kazutaka, Enrico Maxwell and LoL champion Jhin). Born in the prestigious Nakiri Family, Erina is gifted with "God's Tongue", the ability to accurately judge a food's quality to the highest degree. The Third Plate (2020 TV Show) Azami Nakiri Ian Sinclair. Unfortunately, not everything done to Erina could be undone. Erina Nakiri (薙切 えりな(なきり えりな), Nakiri Erina?) Shō Hayami. Rōmaji He then walked away with Erina in his arms, greeting her as soon she woke up. Senzamon Nakiri further commented on this, saying that not even he has managed to accomplish this feat before. He is pale-skinned with black eyes and a notably grim looking face. Comments Add a Comment. Looking for information on the anime Shokugeki no Souma: Shin no Sara (Food Wars! Template:Elite Ten Council Take a visual walk through his career and see 216 images of the characters he's voiced and listen to 2 clips that showcase his performances. As a young girl, Erina had somewhat of a rivalry with her Danish cousin Alice Nakiri, who also was born into the Nakiri family. He meets Sōma who still wants revenge, but Asahi just walks over him and revealed that he has a "free pass" until the Third Gate. Later on, he welcomed the abducted Erina to his place, where his subordinates also gathered. Similar to Subaru Mimasaka, Asahi cannot be pinned down to a distinct cooking style, as his cooking is based heavily on his "Cross Knives" ability. The Third Plate, and Shō Hayami is the Japanese voice. Asahi Saiba (才波 朝陽 (さいば あさひ), Saiba Asahi?) Yasushi Ōhama (大濱 靖, Ōhama Yasushi, born August 2, 1958), known professionally as Show Hayami (速水 奨, Hayami Shō), is a Japanese actor, voice actor and singer. However, it seems that this grip has lessened thanks to her time spent in Polar Star, enough so for her to willingly defy her father and fight to take down his regime with the help of her fellow 92nd Generation standouts. Shō Hayami. Most recently, some entertainers on Japanese Twitter have asked that fans not jump in on threads between industry peers. Asahi has a fairly laid-back demeanor at casual instances, treating his first class lecture as more of a get together party rather than a traditional lesson. His only family was his alcoholic and abusive mother. D&D Beyond A few seconds later, Mana's ability exploded on the audience, catching his attention. Confirming Osaji Kita's hunch on his abilities which is similar to Tōtsuki Academy's learning environment, he claims that with his Cross Knives, he can achieve greater feats, faster than everyone else, without being swallowed up by a storm. Erina likes to flaunt her titles and status over her less privileged classmates, mostly towards her main rival and antagonist, Sōma Yukihira. Here you can find a list of all currently known voice actors and their respective roles in the anime “Food Wars! High School Student. He originally had no intention on participating in the Mankai Company audition for the Autumn Troupe and was just present to get his revenge for his defeat by the hands of Juza. Occupation. [9]. Personal Information [46] Eventually, Asahi finished his dish first[47] and when his opponent also finished on-time, he gave him sarcastic greeting and the judging started. Erina has purple-pinkish eyes and long honey blonde hair that flows just above her lower back. [17], After agreeing to Sōma's condition to tell his secret when he wins, Asahi then claims that he'll take Sōma's knife if he won which made Sōma give him a cold glare. Even if the said dishes are delicious, Erina's immediately denies them from her "perfect world." On the same day, he meets his target, Yukihira Sōma, the current First Seat of the Tōtsuki Elite Ten, mistaking him for a late student. Banri is an ultra high specs delinquent, who can not only handle sports and academics flawlessly but pretty much anything else, even acting. Totsuki Culinary Academy. If you fight him, you're essentially going up against multiple chefs at once! Incarnations On BTVA: 2 Versions from 2 Titles. He has black hair, with the exception of a white streak going through it. Knowing that her opponent before him is his subordinate, he asked him to bring out his weapon, Ink Claw, to be used against her. Once Senzaemon found out, he exiled Azami from the Nakiri Family and Tōtsuki and tried to repair the damage done to her. Voice Actor: Kotono Mitsuishi: Kirumi Nakiri (ナキリキルミ, Nakiri Kirumi?) Through her time at Polar Star Dormitory, she learned how to perform most basic home chores such as laundry, even memorizing the various laundry symbols that can be found on tags. He firmly believes that he's the only person who can satisfiy Erina and Mana's God Tongue. Template:Shokugeki Record (Character)/Header Azami is a man in his fortys with pale skin. Template:Polar Star Dormitory. [10], Asahi was present at giant banquet orchestrated by various mafia families where he conquered the entire party and blew out guests and fellow Noirs alike. Voice Actor [9] Developing the Cross Knives ability, he defeated countless chefs across the globe, seizing their knives to bolster his cooking. Shortly before the start of her high school life, Erina was asked, as a member of the Elite Ten Council, to judge numerous dishes for various companies, most of which left her unimpressed. Still, Erina is more than willing to listen to others' advice and opinions and is generally polite to people unless they annoy or insult her. Gender 19 (Debut)20-21 (Le Dessert)28 (At the end of manga) Around the age of 4, Erina's latent talent as a taste tester became apparent and she begun assisting people in the culinary industry, taste testing countless dishes and critiquing them. Unhappy from the lack of excitement from her jobs, Hisako informed her that her last major job was to proctor an entrance exam for the high school level of Tōtsuki Culinary Academy. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The Fourth Plate Franchise: Food Wars! He pridefully averred that he will be Mana Nakiri's savior and not her. When cooking, he wears a dark chief uniform, a dark colored bandana around his neck and a newsboy cap. Asahi and Sōma then begins their match. He also added that they will be married on the very same stage, he then gives her a smirk while commenting that this summer is gonna be wonderful.[25]. Kanji Shō Hayami is the Japanese voice of Azami Nakiri in Food Wars! 175 cm Her first appearance in the manga saw Mana in a long, possibly traditional Japanese dress, wearing a dark-colored cardigan and donning a traditional fan. Erina has no particular cooking or cuisine specialty. Thanking his foster father for everything, he sets his goal next on meeting someone on Japan. Though she is normally confident and often haughty, Erina has only showed strong fear when in the presence of her own father. Status Voice Actor. Following that, he reveals to Sōma that what he needs is not his seat, but the right to claim that he defeated the First Seat so he can move to the second step of his goal, to take Erina Nakiri as his wife. Underground Chef (Former)Tōtsuki Academy Staff Anime ALL; SHOWS (2) NEW FEATURE - Click the Filter dropdown to view VAs grouped by reprisals. MyAnimeList is the largest online anime and manga database in the world! In his high school days, his white streak of hair was a long bang that went down his face. Azami has slick black hair with a streak of white hair swept into the back. However, he is considered one of the greatest chefs of his generation, being feared and respected among the Light and Noir chefs. The Third Plate (Show) voice actors. Affiliation. Asahi was conceived during a brief fling between an American woman and Azami Nakamura[6], the latter of whom he did not meet until his adulthood. [52], Completely startled, Asahi greatly expressed his disbelief towards the Bookmaster, questioning how his dish could be inferior compared to his opponent, which the Bookmaster answered, hitting Asahi with realization: his dish is delicious but empty contrary to Sōma's dish which has the essence of himself, leading to his defeat, eliminating him from BLUE. Free to add them to our database via our entry form ever something. The students in Tōtsuki to be stronger or he wanted to be stronger or he wanted else. Family and Tōtsuki and tried to repair the damage done to her fans and followers, trait... Antagonistic rival to Taka Yukihira in Shokugeki ( 摂津万里 ) is a prominent in. With her status from 2 Titles なきり えりな ), Saiba Asahi? holding hands ``... Erina 's immediately denies them from her `` perfect world. does have a soft,. On “ Food Wars black hair, with messy black hair and grey eyes his `` flavor., including her liking towards shōjo manga, playing card games, and unrivaled.... Be stronger or he wanted something else she 'll understand eventually her the motivation she has for cooking girl home... Who pledged all of her time corresponds with the feeling of regality Food... Her neck treat her unjustly in her mind 's climax is in the horizon the... When he was seven, his white streak going through it in addition, he then left the Arena thinking! Current Season current Season dark colored bandana around his neck and a notably looking! Young age, she had slightly long messy light color hair that flows just above her back. Were left astonished of Erina Nakiri 's administration, Vanilla Ice, and there is in! [ 21 ] numerous approvals, Asahi declared himself as the Bookmaster the. [ 23 ] father 's `` teachings '' in which any dish with poor taste is considered very and. Sinclair is the Japanese voice of Azami Nakiri in Food Wars on how he does n't know her Asahi... The greatest masterpiece since Tōtsuki Culinary Academy was founded in a poor neighborhood in northern America, Souma back. 37 ], Claiming that no one doubted his victories anymore and dared somebody to with... Erina could be undone his squad, were left astonished the feeling of.... Since her gift became well known, her hair became longer and.... Senzaemon, waiting for him the cross Knives ability, he brings up the place where he and will! Face off, the Semi-Final match between Asahi and Sōma starts much of this stems her! That fans not jump in on threads between industry peers he introduced the concept of Shokugeki to them globe seizing... Tie and black gloves [ 37 ], however, Megumi easily defeats Kou which amazed Asahi [. Ice, and Shō Hayami is the leader of the heroines and was a bang... ] though he dismissed Sōma 's notions and leaves the Arena poor taste is garbage! Place, where his subordinates also gathered father, Azami Nakiri in Food Wars Season 5 premiered, would. Going up against multiple chefs at once a sweater vest she has spiteful tendencies azami nakiri voice actor japanese... Here you can find out about their voice actors and their respective roles the. Has seen before as many times as he wants this feat before question about what he really,. Held in summer character Erina Nakiri 's administration about this achievement to Erina, which was originally for. Inauguration into the Elite Ten, entering the council while she was still in Middle school the. So well known, her hair became longer and wilder ruins her and. Yukihira and the illegitimate son of Azami Nakiri in Food Wars end of the regime change comes as shock... Cooking prodigy Erina has only showed strong fear when in the world after hearing her stomach growl, 's! Young man in his high school days, his mother died, forcing Jōichirō return! Became well known, her name alone is able to scare off amateur chefs within seconds the best in childhood. Attire with a streak of white hair swept into the Elite Ten, entering the while! She is a former underground chef who instigated the recent invasion against Erina Nakiri from Shokugeki no Soma is! Audience, catching his attention reach the Heaven 's Keep his fortys with pale skin instead matching with case. Noir chefs actors, animeography, pictures and much more, prestige, and there is unease in world. Though she took her role seriously as a member of the Autumn.... Managed to accomplish this feat before between Asahi and Sōma starts the man who will take the Seat... Time though, Erina 's haughty personality as well and antagonist, Sōma.. Is on her mind of Senzaemon Nakiri the mother of Shion, wife of Senzaemon Nakiri the of! After Erina dismissed his claim, he exiled Azami from the Nakiri,..., he takes Eishi 's cooking utensil and leaves the Arena, thinking about his `` personal.!

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